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Interested in getting your own bin started or bringing composting into your class or office?  I offer a full range of consulting and education services.   From answering questions via e-mail, providing in home support to stopping by your classroom to help set up a worm composting bin – I will happily assist in any way possible.  I do not charge a fee for my services I simply ask that you pass along the love, knowledge and excitement to family and friends.  I am able to bring and indoor worm composting set up based on your needs to your home or class (reimbursement fees do apply) or you find out when my next Worm Composting 101 class is and stop by the pick up a starter kit!

Starter Kit ($15) includes:    

  1. Small sized compost bin with air holes
  2. 100 red worms
  3. Recycled bedding
  4. Knowledge and support

Typical at home or class set up ($35 – $55) includes:

  1. Large sized compost bin with air holes
  2. 300 to 500 red worms
  3. Recycled bedding
  4. Knowledge and support

Prices can fluctuate depending on needs; I highly recommend reusing an old plastic bin and your own news paper or brown paper bags.  The best option is always to reuse and recycle what you already have.  On the other hand, if you want a bigger set up or a tier composting bin set up there will be additional reimbursement fees.


Upcoming Worm Composting 101 Classes:

Monday, April 9th                                                                                                                   7pm – FREE                                                                                                                          Whole Foods Market – South Loop                                                                                1101 South Canal Street                                                                                                             Chicago, Illinois 60607                                                                                                                     Call to register: 312-435-4600

Get a jump on Earth Day this year by learning how to compost with worms! Join Stephanie Kichler of Wormplicity as she dishes out all the details of indoor and outdoor composting. Be ready to get your hands dirty as she takes you through the set up of an indoor composting bin. If you feel like starting your own indoor composting bin you can buy ($15) a starter kit, which includes 100 wigglers, mini bin and all the worm knowledge. Don’t need the starter kit? Feel free to reuse your own bin and just pick up some wigglers and knowledge!



Stephanie Kichler                                                                                                                                  Worm Composting and Urban Agriculture Education and Consulting             


2 Responses to Services, Classes and Contact

  1. linda chavez says:


    I took your class at whole foods and got some worms, unfortunately they didn’t survive. I will start again soon, however I have been saving all the scraps to understand how much we produce. But now I need a give away the scraps. Do you know of any place that I can drop those off?

  2. Mary Foxwell says:

    Hi Stephanie, this is Mary your Uncle Mark’s friend. I have wanted to start worm composting and he mentioned your website. I want an outside worm composter as I live in Florida. Is it too hot here? I’d be interested in a starter bin that would work in Florida.

    Thanks, Mary

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