I created Wormplicity to help guide and instruct visitors in the setup and care of an indoor worm composting bin.  Throughout my many years as an urban environmental educator I have seen the benefits of composting at home, in a classroom or within a small business.   My first experience with worm composting was during a summer program I was teaching, my class needed a summer pet that would be exciting, kept in a closet during the evening, and easily maintained by the science class.  I immediately thought of worm composting.  All though I have never composted with worms before, I was confident it would be an easy and fun process.  I learned a lot that first summer, our class compost bin often smelled funny, had fruit flies and mold.  After nailing down the basics of indoor composting and nursing our class bin back to health I started to see the benefits and enjoyment of this process.  Once the summer program was finished I realized I had a pet that wasn’t just for the summer.  Over the course of the next year I learned everything I could about worms and composting, by the end of the year I was designated office guru on all things worm composting.  Shortly after that I started to help friends and colleagues set up their own bin and eventually started offering classes to the public.

My love and passion for worm composting comes from my personal and professional adventures .  Since I started publically teaching worm composting classes I have continually wanted to raise the bar, since then I started two community gardens in Chicago’s East Garfield Park neighborhood fully set up with raised beds, outdoor composting, and rain barrels.  I love the holistic approach of urban agriculture teamed with city friendly composting.   It is my effort to offer my experiences and expertise up as advice to anyone who is curious about composting or urban agriculture.

Made at home, nutrient rich black gold.