It is time for my weekly worm feeding.

Today, my worms are feasting on apples that are reaching the prime of their ripeness.  I don’t usually feed my worms entire apples, or much of anything in its entirety.  I usually give them the scraps of what is left over, like an apple core or banana peel.  They are getting these lovely apples due to the fact that I have too many and I won’t possibly be able to eat them all.  Sad story, but at least I won’t have to throw them away.

I cut up my apples in smaller pieces, the smaller you cut up your food scraps the easier it is for the worms to decompose.  You are actually expediting the decomposition process by breaking down the food as much as possible prior to feeding them to your worms.  This means you get results faster, and everyone likes that.

Here is a snap shot of the feeding:

It is interesting that all living things have to consume something.  Some consume sunlight and some consume Burger King.  Consider what you consume and what all the living things around you consume.

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  1. Jessica says:

    Yeah, Milwaukee! We are very proud of Growing Power up here. Next time you come up, we should do their tour!

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